AD Fuels are leading independent providers of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). Using our state-of-the-art Cryogenic LNG Tankers, we support LNG gas companies, such as Air Liquide, Molgas, Gasrec amongst others, with nationwide delivery to the UK’s growing network of LNG fuelling stations.

LNG is a natural gas that is made by cooling Natural Gas to a temperature of -162c. This cooling process turns the gas into a liquid that takes up 600 times less space than in its natural gas form, giving significantly more storage capacity.

Powering the heavy transport industry of the future

LGN, like CNG, is increasingly becoming known as a more eco-friendly alternative to damaging fossil fuels like petrol, diesel and propane. CNG combustion produces significantly fewer toxic emissions than traditional fossil fuels (up to 95% less than CO2), reducing air pollution levels by 70-90%.

Liquified natural gas is also estimated to be 30-40% cheaper than traditional fuels, giving LNG tremendous potential as a renewable fuel to replace petrol and diesel, which will become essential as fossil fuels are phased out to meet the government’s net-zero target.

A cleaner, greener alternative for heavy haulage operators

While cars and light goods vehicles move to electric, HGVs are expected to move to CNG while long-distance heavy haulage tractor units will move to LNG as a cleaner, greener and more efficient alternative to oil. Liquified gas weighs less than water, making it even more efficient.

For the past 18 months, AD Fuels have been at the forefront of LNG transport. All our drivers and operators are highly experienced and fully qualified in transporting liquified natural gas as a hazardous material, holding all the relevant accreditations and certificates.

Contact us today to discuss your LNG transportation requirements and find out how our LNG tankers can support your nationwide operations.