Explore our Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Trailers

AD Fuels provide highly specialised LNG Trailers which operate cryogenically in line with ADR regulations to keep compressed natural gas in a non-natural liquified state.

These LNG tankers are fully approved for use within the EU and are suitable for the transportation of up to 21,000kg of liquified natural gas.

Fitted with cryogenic pumps we can quickly and efficiently unload to any of your facilities.

High specification design and safety features

These highly advanced LNG trailers feature a working pressure of 6.0 to 8.0 bar, with a design temperature range of -196 to +50c. Their inner self-supporting pressure vessels are manufactured in accordance with strict ADR regulations, while the outer vessel is constructed with vacuum-resistant stainless steel.

Other features include 100% non-flammable insulation consisting of cryptotherm multi-layer insulation with reflective coils, while safety features include an emergency stop button and closure valves, as well as a pneumatically-operated emergency valve and an Anti-Tow away system

Highly trained and fully qualified LNG trailer drivers

The semi-trailer length totals 13,900mm with a maximum height of fifth wheel load at 1,200mm.

Requiring specialist safety certification to operate, all our LNG tanker drivers are highly trained, extensively experienced and fully qualified in the transportation of hazardous gasses.

AD Fuels currently supports CNG and LNG providers such as Gasrec with delivery into a range of HGV service stations, powering major retail transport operations like Tesco, John Lewis, Ocado, Asda, B&Q and Sainsburys.