LNG bunkering is the process of transferring liquefied natural gas to a ship for use as fuel. It is a popular method of fuelling ships because it is a less pollutant method compared to the other traditional methods of fuelling like marine gas oil and heavy fuel oil. There is also a steady supply of natural gas, and the industry has forecasted a stable price for LNG as a fuel.

Environment regulators have been putting the pressure on the maritime industry to reduce the amount of pollution caused by ship transportation, and the newly imposed strict rules on the content of sulphur in marine bunker fuel is driving the popularity of the LNG bunkering system and construction of infrastructure to facilitate the same.

As demand for LNG as a marine fuel is growing, so is the need for a reliable solution. AD Fuels offer a truck-to-ship bunkering solution including LNG storage containers, transfer pumps or a continual supply of LNG fuel via our partners from local terminals