Complete transport visibility across our fleet

Driver and vehicle safety, as well as security, is paramount at AD Fuels. We have several practices in place to ensure that our staff and fleet are operating as safely and efficiently as possible.

Every vehicle in the AD Fuels fleet is tracked using the latest Microlise software, a state-of-the-art tracking system that allows us to view the exact location of all our vehicles and trailers at any time of the day or night.

We have added Microlise compatible 3-way cameras to our LNG fuelled Volvo FH Tractor units. The whole fleet has Remote Digital Downloading for tachograph and driver hour compliance.

Anti-terrorism vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking is now as essential part of compliance with the UK government’s latest anti-terrorism guidelines. Our telematics system enables us to receive alerts if any unusual driver behaviour or a significant route diversion occurs in one of our vehicles or trailers.

Accurately monitoring telematics data

Telematics software also provides us rounded and accurate data to help us understand how our vehicles are being driven. We use this data primarily for internal tracking and to support the enforcement of traffic management policies, including monitoring a vehicle’s speed, braking behaviour and general driver compliance.

Alongside telematics data, AD Fuels regularly review our driver training programme to deliver the latest best practice on personal and road safety, including conducting daily visual vehicle checks as standard and keeping the vehicles locked whenever a driver is outside the cab.

Delivering optimum safety and efficiency

Using tracking software also allows us to provide our customers with a clear understanding of where their consignment is, the route our vehicles will take and the estimated time of arrival, giving them complete transparency on their delivery at all times.

We allow customers their own login to our telematics so they can track the vehicles working for them, they can see in real-time where they products are.

Each of these practices combine to help us run our fleet in the safest, most efficient and most complaint way possible, keeping all our routes running smoothly and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and safety from start to finish.