Virtual Pipelines

Connecting Anaerobic Digestion operators directly to customers

Virtual pipelines connect ‘off-grid’ natural gas suppliers from their Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants to the end consumer.

‘Off-grid’ generally means a facility does not have the infrastructure to connect them to the main physical pipeline, while ‘on-grid’ providers will usually supply natural gas directly to end consumers.

Virtual pipelines work by providing a bridge between a natural gas supplier and their end customer, which involves transporting their gas through, via tankers.

Since the cost of extending the national grid into rural farms and Anaerobic Digestion sites is generally prohibitive, AD Fuels provides a solution.

We do this by collecting gas directly from their site with specialists Multi Element Gas Containers (MEGCs), and delivering it into gas injection points.

Contact us today to discuss your CNG transportation requirements and find out how our MEGC tankers can support your AD operation.

Our testimonials

“AD Fuels are an independent haulier in a unique industry and are well placed to support the growth of Molgas in the UK”

Molgas have developed a working relationship with AD Fuels and have involved them in their LNG requirements in the UK.

Their service levels are impeccable and they are instrumental in the continued supply to our UK contracts.

Molgas highly recommend the service, commitment to safety and friendly staff at AD Fuels

David Ballantyne – Commercial Director at Molgas

“A service that puts a premium on customer service and safety”

“Gasrec have used AD Fuels to provide mobile CNG storage and refuelling services. The service has been exemplary, from the efficiency of delivery to the politeness of the drivers and trainers. I would not hesitate to recommend AD Fuels to others who desire a service that puts a premium on customer service and safety.”

Matthew Hunt – Business Development Manager at Gasrec

“The knowledge that our business is in safe hands”

“AD Fuels have been our transport provider for the shipment of Biomethane to SGN’s Commercial Biomethane Network Entry Facility since its conception. They have consistently met all SLA’s predetermined by SGN Commercial, complying with all gas, site, road and dangerous goods legal requirements promptly and professionally. Consequently, we have been confident that our business is not exposed and can operate with the knowledge that we are doing things right. This has enabled us to continue to develop our business in this niche area, knowing this aspect of our contracted-out business is in safe hands and can continue to grow as our customer base expands.”

Gary Taylor- Logistics and Administration Manager at SGN BNEF

“Excellent customer service and competitive prices”

“White Land Solutions have been working with AD Fuels as our transport partner for the last three years. They offer excellent customer service and competitive prices. We have established a high degree of trust in them, and we know that when we book our haulage needs, we will get first class treatment. The team are always helpful and proactive. We would highly recommend them and look forward to a continued long-term working partnership.”

Scott Bartlett – Operations Manager at White Land Solutions