Specialists in the transport of compressed and liquified natural gas

AD Fuels (which stands for Anaerobic Digestion Fuels) was founded at the beginning of 2018 by a team of transport experts specialising in hazardous goods and waste recycling industries.

As a lean, agile and relationship-driven business we pride ourselves on a growing reputation for our rapid and flexible response. In-depth sector knowledge coupled with exceptional customer service, has helped us forge lasting relationships with our clients.

Leading the way in renewable fuel transportation

As the UK government push towards a ban of fossil fuels as part of global efforts to become carbon neutral by 2050, the transport sector is one of many that will need to quickly adapt.

While cars and lightweight vans are expected to become fully electric and hydrogen powered, midweight lorries and depot-to-depot operations will be fuelled by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

Heavy haulage vehicles ranging from 32T to 44T will require Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) to achieve an appropriate range; this liquified, cryogenically cooled version of natural gas is 600 x smaller than it is in a natural state, meaning heavy haulage operators can go further on a single tank full of LNG.

LNG can be purchased from a growing network of gas filling stations throughout the UK and will soon become the fuel of choice for long-distance heavy haulage.

Choosing LNG means choosing for the future

LNG offers a cleaner, quieter and cheaper drive, without losing the benefits of a normal truck. Currently, several manufacturers (Iveco, Scania and Volvo) offer powerful LNG trucks which match a diesel truck in terms of performance and efficiency, but also contribute to creating a cleaner world.

LNG trucks are even considerably cleaner than Euro-VI diesel trucks; the CO2 emission is 17% lower and there is less health damage caused by dust particles and NOx. Transport using LNG already meets the strict European emission standards set for freight transport, without the need for additional measures such as the use of particulate filters. Trucks that run on LNG are also up to 75% quieter than diesel trucks.

One of their biggest advantages, however, is that they are extremely cost-effective, using on average 10-15% less fuel than a diesel equivalent.

Helping gas suppliers deliver alternative fuels to the transport industry

Understanding that these natural gasses will become an essential fuel for heavy haulage operators in the coming decade, AD Fuels became the first independent company in the UK to operate an LNG Tanker – one of only 17 in the country (accurate as at Jan 2019) – loading directly from the National Grid, Grain LNG.

Today, we support some of the sector’s largest natural gas suppliers, including Air Liquide, GasRec and Molgas amongst others, and are on course to more than quadruple our tanker fleet by 2021 as part of our vision to become the leading independent transporter of LNG and CNG.