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Specialists in the transport of compressed and liquified natural gas

Safety First, Safety Always is not just a strapline it is in our DNA establishing an embedded safety culture. AD Fuels Ltd board are absolutely committed to ambitious continuous improvement targets in safety performance, occupational health monitoring & support and behavioural change initiatives. Our staff are not simply employees but much more like family and we take very seriously our duty to keep them and anyone else from harm due to our activities.

Our Safety Principles

We will focus time, resource, and energy to ensure that every risk assessment, safe operating procedure complies with the Say What You Do. Do What You Say! philosophy. We will be initiative-taking encouraging near miss reporting and trend analysis setting time appropriate designated actions to mitigate any perceived risk. We will constantly strive to improve our Health & Safety and Occupational Health performance through better (bespoke) training targeted at our Senior Management Team as well as our essential and valued workforce. We will support our staff through challenging times, emotional adjustment / social wellbeing, physical health concerns. We will provide a high quality, reliable and cost-effective service to our customers without compromise to safety. We will provide the best available PPE to our staff which will exceed wherever possible our high quality minimum standard specification.

Our staff are empowered to stop a delivery if they experience concerns about any safety aspect throughout the loading / unloading process. As a responsible employer we will always standby our employee’s judgement call confident in the knowledge they are all professional, highly competent, and properly motivated. We will apply (BAT) best available technology / best available techniques when drafting our purchase specification for all new vehicles and / or equipment. We will actively engage the with vehicle manufacturers at the design phase to advise essential safety improvements / alterations identified during operational experience using earlier models.

Safety Ambition

Safety is at the heart of everything we do, Safety First, Safety Always is not simply another catchy slogan or a tick in a box implying job done! Nobody should go home from work less healthy than when they arrived that shift. It is our primary aim to establish a deeply embedded Health & Safety culture within our workforce led by example from the very top of the organisation. Our company is committed and focused on rapid projected growth thereby significantly increasing the size and diversity of our workforce. Our objective is to achieve exponential growth while decreasing Accident, Injury and Occupational Health incidents measured against our 2022 baseline. Our Health & Safety / Occupational Health ambition is to be the best in our field of expertise and set the benchmark our competitor’s will need to emulate.

Health & Safety and Occupational Health Priority Areas

Our staff consultation identified where we needed to focus greater attention to improve the health, safety, and wellbeing of our workforce. Fundamental to this aim is building on the solid foundations of our embedded safety culture. Delivery of this ongoing initiative is becoming more challenging as the numbers and diversity of the workforce grows.

  • Slips, Trips, and Falls
  • Manual Handling
  • Driver Fatigue.
  • Traffic Management.
  • First Aid Training – Treating Cryogenic Tissue Damage.
  • Emergency Preparedness.
  • High Quality Safe Systems of Work.

Staff Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing Ambition

It is important to clarify what we mean by wellbeing which comprises of many components such as mentalpsychologicalsocialemotional, and spiritual. Social Wellbeing is a sense of belonging contributing to society. Emotional Wellbeing means experiencing positive emotions and feeling generally satisfied with life. Spiritual Wellbeing can include a sense of meaning or purpose or feelings of peace or transcendence.

There is a deeper kind of wellbeing, which is about living in a way that is good for you and good for others around you.

We recognise the things we do and the way we think and the way we interact can have a significant impact on our employees’ experience. We strive to provide a happy, supportive, caring, safe and stable working environment for all our employees.

Psychological wellbeing includes a number of distinct aspects:

  • Autonomy: the freedom to make your own decisions

We empower our employees to make Health & Safety decisions and standby those decisions.

  • Self-acceptance: satisfaction or happiness with oneself. This includes an awareness of one’s strengths and weaknesses. It results in an individual feeling that they are of “unique worth.”

We ensure our staff feel valued and encouraged to reach their potential promoting from within wherever possible and staff development as part of succession planning.

  • Knowledge: the ability to manage everyday situations.

Our staff are highly trained and motivated with a ‘can do’ attitude confident and able to navigate any challenges with support from the management team always on hand.

  • Positive relationships with family, friends, or others.

As a medium sized rapidly growing company we have retained a ‘family’ business ethos, we care about our staff and their families helping to achieve a healthy work life balance. We organise social events reinforcing a sense of belonging, unity, and engagement.

  • A sense of purpose or meaning in life.

Our slogan is ‘Fuelling the Future’ making an active contribution towards tacking climate change. Some reports suggest a reduction in polluting emissions by up to 90% although others suggest a less optimistic figure. What better purpose in life can there be than safeguarding your family’s future.

  • Personal growth: facing challenges that are manageable and lead to developing new skills or becoming a better person.

We ensure our staff are trained and their skills are kept up to date actively encouraging participation in out of work activities and supporting community events.


Training Ambition

AD Fuels Ltd are committed to providing our staff with the highest quality of training utilising both In-house trainers and approved external certified course providers. Our resolute and very experienced Training Business Partner will ensure our very ambitions training strategy targets are met. Proactively we are creating our own in-house (bespoke) training materials recognising commercially available packages are not industry specific.  


We will continue to be innovative adapting our training methods to a more practical based real-life demonstrations and less theory approach. We endeavour to use plain English using clear and unambiguous language, avoiding the use of technical or difficult terms wherever possible.


We are committed to collaborative working including exchanging ideas with similar like-minded organisations within our sector paving the way towards establishing accredited training standards.

Staff Development

Our sustained business growth is dependent on solid succession and staff development planning. Retention of highly skilled and motivated employees is paramount. We actively encourage career progression within our company promoting from within whenever possible. We recognise unrelated skills brought to us from previous occupations acknowledging the best person for a specific task might not be the person whose role it is to fulfil that function.

Continual Improvement

Providing auditable evidence of continuous improvement is an essential element or retaining our 45001 ISO accreditation. We monitor the effectiveness of our training obtaining feedback from attendees to ensure we not only meet but exceed candidate expectations. Creation of our own bespoke training materials ensures relatable and up to date content. As a relatively new company we are not constrained by the ‘we have always done it that way’ attitude and open to ideas.                          

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We specialise in the transportation of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), which are set to become a cost-efficient alternative fuel for HGVs when the UK government intends to end the manufacture of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2035.

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Andrew Court Renewables Operations & Projects Manager at SGN

"Since the opening of Portsdown Hill Injection Hub in 2014 AD Fuels have safely delivered millions of kilograms of biomethane into the network. Their exemplary record of safe and efficient deliveries is demonstration to that of a company that puts the safety of their employees at the forefront of everything they do. With attention to detail and a personal touch, the communication and experience of AD Fuels delivery and office staff set the aside from all their competitors. It is a pleasure to deal with their team on a daily basis."

David Ballantyne Commercial Director at Molgas

“AD Fuels are an independent haulier in a unique industry and are well placed to support the growth of Molgas in the UK. Molgas have developed a working relationship with AD Fuels and have involved them in their LNG requirements in the UK. Their service levels are impeccable and they are instrumental in the continued supply to our UK contracts. Molgas highly recommend the service, commitment to safety and friendly staff at AD Fuels

Scott Bartlett Operations Manager at White Land Solutions

“Excellent customer service and competitive prices. White Land Solutions have been working with AD Fuels as our transport partner for the last three years. They offer excellent customer service and competitive prices. We have established a high degree of trust in them, and we know that when we book our haulage needs, we will get first class treatment. The team are always helpful and proactive. We would highly recommend them and look forward to a continued long-term working partnership.”