Our Fleet

LNG (Liquified Natural Gas) Trailers

AD Fuels can provide highly specialised 58,000 litre LNG Trailers (8 Bar) which operate cryogenically in line with ADR regulations to keep compressed natural gas in a non-natural liquified state. Read more.

CNG/MEGC (Multi Element Gas Container) Trailers

AD Fuels operate a fleet of Multi Element Gas Container (MEGC) trailers, capable of carrying Compressed Natural Gas at a pressure of 250bar. Read more.

Curtain side trailers

AD Fuels operates a network of curtain siders to support a variety of pallet movement and haulage requirements. Read more.

Walking floor trailers

Our fleet of walking floor trailers have been a huge success since they were first introduced into our fleet of trailers. We use this trailer type for runs that mainly involve recyclable goods such as comingle, wood chip, compostable and green waste. Read more